Nashville Real Estate Information

When you think of Nashville, Tennessee, country music is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, the people who live here will quickly tell you that Nashville is much more than an area for budding stars. Vanderbilt University calls Nashville home, which is one of the top schools in the country. The backdrop is beautiful, with rolling hills and crystal clear lakes that lay scattered through the area. Nashville, Tennessee doesn’t normally have a lot of extreme weather. The weather is usually mild year-round, although there are four seasons. The breath-taking scenery often reminds you of what season it is, especially in the fall. Those who live here and visitors alike adore the colors of the fall in Nashville. Around Christmas time, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie setting with the small-town charm of Christmas decorations, lights, and the Christmas spirit.

Although musically inclined people often make their way to Nashville, there are just as many reasons families, seniors, singles, people from all walks of life move here. . Nashville is home to over 540,000 people. The average age of these residents is about 34-years-old. Almost 40% of these are professionals or managers in one way or another. The job type coming in second is the service industry, and over 15% of residents work in an administrative role. The average household income in Nashville runs about $42,000/year.

Most of the homes found in Nashville, Tennessee are multi-family complexes, but you can find other kinds of homes if that isn’t for you. With the real estate here still appreciating, buying a home in Nashville is a sound investment… especially when you realize the amount of people who continue to relocate here. According to the numbers, if you buy a home in the Nashville area, your purchase price will likely be in the high 200 thousands.

Nashville, Tennessee is obviously a thriving area for American and country music. There’s never a shortage of rock, country, jazz, gospel, and blues performances happening in the crisp, night air. In fact, Nashville’s other name is Music City. When residents here head out for some entertainment, they know that it will likely include some of the major music players in today’s music industry. Even if they aren’t in the line-up, it’s not a surprise to see one jump from the crowd to join in with the bands that are.

The night isn’t the only time you’ll have things to do in Nashville. There’s plenty of things to keep you entertained throughout the day as well such as public and private golf course, historical attractions, and more. Some of the more popular attractions include The Hermitage (President Andrew Jackson’s home), and the Belle Meade Plantation where some of the most famous thoroughbreds come from. If art is more your thing, then head to the Athena Parthenos, where you’ll find the Western Hemisphere’s tallest indoor sculpture.

Nashville, Tennessee has something for everyone. The schools are reputable, the people are neighborly, the scenery and land is breath-taking, and you can take part in some of the best music events found in the country. Therefore, the quality of life here is left unchallenged, which is a compelling reason to relocate to the area. Go for a visit and spend some time getting to know all that Nashville, Tennessee has to offer you. Should you decide that Nashville is the place to be, which is very likely, than grab one of our free relocation packets.