Chattanooga Real Estate Information

Don’t think there’s such a thing as an affordable cost of living in a lively, metropolitan setting? Think again… think Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chattanooga is found on the Tennessee River, in close proximity to the Georgia border. Its stunning scenery will leave you amazed, and you’ll be surprised at how laid back this city seems to be. Although it continues to grow and move forward, Chattanooga hasn’t left its history behind. In fact, they’ve been applauded for revitalizing the waterfront and downtown architectural structures. They even created a spectacular riverwalk, five miles long along the Tennessee River that allows visitors to meander through the art district, historical areas, and parks.

Housing here surpasses most of the country since the city government has a dedication to making affordable housing available. In fact, their affordable housing program is the most successful in the country right now. Chattanooga has a unique approach to planning their city, growth, projects, called the “citizen visioning”. Residents are actively involved in what happens with the city.

About 155,000 people live in the Chattanooga area, with the average age being 37-years-old. Residents here earn an average of $32,000 a year. The largest industry here is manufacturing, while the second largest industries are finance and retail. Chattanooga is home to some amazing schools, both private and public, including the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Tennessee Temple University, and the Chattanooga State Technical Community college. Surprisingly, Chattanooga real estate is extremely affordable, with the average price of a home being about $83,500.

Unlike many cities, you’ll find that the downtown areas are actually clean and well kept, making it an enjoyable area. An enormous factor that makes this possible is their innovative Chattanooga manufactured zero-emission electric buses.

Chattanooga has a steady, stable economy. Being a popular choice for tourists doesn’t hurt the economy either. There are many attractions that keep tourist coming back to Chattanooga including the African American Museum, Tennessee Aquarium, Lookout Mountain, and the Appalachian Trail. There are also plenty of festivals and special events in the area that visitors flock to each year.

One of these festivals is the Riverbend Festival. This nine-day event boasts an amazing music scene that has been celebrated for decades. Rock, jazz, country, bluegrass, oldies, and pop music alike are enjoyed on over 100 stages that are scattered along the riverfront. Every night of the festival draws an incredible 80,000 visitors from every walk of life, of every age. There are also roaming entertainers that make their way through the crowds, an aerial show, and booths that offer a variety of delicious cuisine that is popular in Chattanooga.

“The largest block party in the south” takes place not far from the river. This is the Bessie Smith Strut, in honor of Bessie Smith, the legendary blues icon. Each year in May, this jazz festival takes place. Some other events that are held each year include the Southern Writer’s Conference, the Fall Color Cruise, and the NCAA Division I Football Championships.

Chattanooga is home to some awesome cuisine, and offers something for every palette. If you enjoy fine dining, you can dine on a renovated barge as you float on the Tennessee River or delight in a jazz brunch. If fine dining isn’t your thing, then maybe you’re the type to enjoy a delicate cup of coffee in the courtyard, or head to the Chattanooga Market for some amazingly fresh and delicious goods. The market has an array of events such as live music, chef demonstrations, car shows, and more.

There aren’t many places in the world that is as diverse as Chattanooga, and all this comes in a friendly package. Although a city, it is well-kept; the residents help decide what happens here and are able to enjoy the results of those decisions. Entertainment is never lacking or dull, with celebrations of the new as well as honoring the past and incredible sporting event. This is truly a place that anyone can call home.